Stephen Proctor was the head of the Glass Workshop at the School of Art in Canberra from 1992-2002. His contribution to the contemporary world glass community was rich and diverse. He was recognised as one of the pivotal educators of his time and made an enormous impact to the quality of graduates from the School from Art in Canberra as well as on the wider Canberra community.
As part of his teaching philosophy Stephen passionately believed in travel as providing an opportunity to learn about oneself and develop a voice as an artist. He assisted is establishing many exchanges for his students in the Glass Workshop with key centers around the work, a legacy that continues to provide students with international opportunities today.
A fellowship dedicated to cultural and artistic exchange has been established in collaboration with the School of Art, The Australian National University, and Christine Proctor to honour Stephen and the emergent talent that he strove to develop.
The Stephen Proctor Fellowship



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